This is the council of students who have been selected by the students to serve as mediators between the students’ body and the school administration.

The Students Representative Council (SRC) in collaboration with the School Administration, has improved discipline, academic work, and tranquility tremendously.  It has been their dream to leave a legacy for the school before graduating. They have a representation on the Disciplinary and Food Committees.

Celebration of annual SRC Week is encouraged.  Campus life is managed by the Students’ Representative Council.  The SRC collaborates deeply with the School Administration and the council manages its own funds with oversight responsibilities by the School Administration which guides them on how to spend on its own needs such as projects.

They have in their own small way donated some projects to the School termed “Leaving a legacy”. Among these are:


  1. Paving the rocky Assembly grounds by SRC 2013/2014
  2. Provision of School Monument by SRC 2014/2015
  3. Reconstruction of the School playing field by SRC 2015/2016
  4. Construction of ultra-modern Students Notice Board by SRC 2016/2017
  5. Provision of stainless steel garden chairs by 2017/2018
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