The School’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has remained focused and very supportive to the admiration of the School, Board of Governors and MEGHIS Community.

At a time when infrastructure was needed, they were there for the girls. They have really reduced the huge challenges associated with long queues at washrooms, provided allowance support for some workers, walling of the remaining 32.2 acre school land, provision of 97-seater auto flush toilets and, 4-unit 40 seater water closets to the dormitories for students to use at night.

The PTA is working hand in hand with the School in the provision of infrastructure and maintenance.

P.T.A PROJECTS (5 YEARS SPAN, 2012-2019)

Their activities include:

  • Construction and completion of the Junior Classroom block for use.
  • Revamping of the School Agric farm
  • Supporting the creation of a 60 sitting capacity ICT laboratory
  • Drilling of two additional boreholes. One for School Kitchen and one for the 97-seater Auto Flush toilet.
  • Provision of 4-unit 40-seater water closet for the dormitories.
  • Walling the 32.2 acres school land.
  • Provision of 97-seater auto flush toilets.
  • Provision of seating spaces at the visitors lounge.
  • Extension of seating capacity of the Wesley Hall to 2,500.
  • Renovation of pavilion classrooms to fully structured classrooms.
  • Paving of School Entrance.
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