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In 2014 there was a discussion with one of the volunteer teachers who previously worked at Nifa Senior High School.

The school discussed with him to research and get the girls involve in some different as I termed it.  “Something that would raise the image of the school”.  Then the school got hooked on the STEM challenge.  The school from there got wind of the robotics competition.  They took on the challenge but did not make much headway at Kofi Annan’s Robotic Centre.  It wasn’t until 2018 and 2019 that the students made head way.  They finally emerged as winners of the World Robotic Championship.

There are other extra-curricular activities such SAGE (Student for Advancement in Global Entrepreneurship).  These groups of students are mainly a combination of students of different program background.  They delve into solving environmental issues and come out with solution.  They also have a patron who is not a permanent tutor of the school.  Not all the students are interested but those who have the flare for these activities.  There must be commitment on their side to be able to do what they best for the SAGE Group they are into creativity, thus thinking through information in new ways, making new connections and coming up with innovative solutions to problems.  Critical thinking is also about they analyzing information and critiquing claims.  For them collaboration is their Hallmark.

  • Students For The Advancement Of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE)

SAGE is a global organization of teenage entrepreneurs sharing a common purpose to make the world a better place.

In 2019 the MEGHIS SAGE team presented two groups; Akoma Incorporated which is into the manufacturing of locally made paper from plantain stem and Akoma innovators which provide sola power packs (solar books and solar suitcase).  The teams won two trophies (the ultimate and the 5th position respectively).

In 2017 the Team competed for SRB (Socially Responsible Business) which we duly won. It emphasizes profit and specializes in recycling of old car tyres, pure water sachets, plastic bottles, metal tins and pieces of material from tailoring shops to produce objects such as tyre chairs, jewelry boxes, book covers, dress, pencil cases and school bags. These items used for the aforementioned products causes a lot of menace in the environment. Recycling them would help improved sanitation and would help propagate the works of government by eradicating non-degradable waste in the environment.

The organizers of the programme recognised the products to be in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 6, 8, and 13.

The school placed fifth out of thirty-two countries in the 2017 SAGE World Cup Competition and won Gold Medal for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals #8 held at Ukraine-Odessa.

  • Robotics

The Robotics Club is a club founded by The Ghana Robotics Academy Foundation. The club consists of students who have passion for Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Programming and Robotic Engineering.

Students design and build from Lego and VEX kits into very complex Robots. The Robots are controlled by a special program written by the students to take specific autonomous tasks. The club has participated in competitions with all the top Senior High Schools at the National level with very impressive results. The School Administration has given great support to the club and this qualified the club to the International level. 

The students have constructed a robot that is programmed to take a rescue mission in mining fields. In the case of a natural disaster, the robot will go to areas dangerous for humans to take rescue missions. The exhibition of the robot is awaiting field response from Newmont Ghana to test on their mining field.

The MEGHIS Robotics Team (Acro-bot) won the 2019 World Robofest Championship in Michigan, USA.

They were honoured by the following personalities and institutions:

  1. President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo.
  2. Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency, Alhaji Mahamadu Bawumia (NYA International Day Celebration).
  • Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service
  1. The Methodist Church Ghana
  2. Eastern Regional Minister
  3. Regional Director of Education, Eastern
  • Municipal Chief Executive, Akuapem-North
  • Akuapemman Traditional Council
  1. Municipal Education Directorate , Akuapem-North
  2. MTN Ghana
  3. World Bank
  • Japan Motors
  • Crown Women Rising
  • Atomic Energy
  1. Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana
  • US Embassy


  • Achievements are as follows (Robotics)
  • 2012 – Introduced Robotics
  • 2013 – Third Place at the National level
  • 2016 – was converted to STEM
  • 2016 – 5th Place – International STEM Research Competition out of 32

teams (World SMART STEM Challenge).

  • 2017 – 2nd Place – FAWE National Competition – Innovative Bed Bug


  • 2017 – 4th Place – National Competition Robofest
  • 2017 – Country representative World Robotic Olympiad, Costa Rica
  • 2018 – Winners of World Space Week. Power Point Presentation.
  • 2018 – National Winners, Robotics Competition (RISE).
  • 2019 – Winners of National Qualifiers Robofest
  • 2019 – Winners, World Champions, ROBOFEST 2019,

Michigan, USA

  • The Science Technology Engineering and Maths Team (STEM)

The STEM club started as a competition on virtual platform for students to collaborate with a partner school in Washington DC to find solutions to a world problem using STEM solutions, organized by IREX.

The competition consisted of thirty-two (32) schools in Ghana and USA under the topic ‘Defend your Community against Hazardous Waste’ in which the school selected a topic on Water Pollution. The school emerged fifth after the final showcase in Washington DC. MEGHIS was paired up with Cardozo Educational Campus located in Washington DC.

The club is embarking on several research works in Environment, Technology and Engineering. Presently, they have a solution to Bed Bugs Eradication which has been tested in the school dubbed Zero Tolerance for Bed Bugs.

The School has a Research Centre, an ideal place for research. This gives students the opportunity to explore and acquire information into research works.

  • Science and Maths Quiz

The Science Department in collaboration with the Mathematics Department introduced the Science and Maths Quiz programme where we prepare and train our students for both Regional and National Science and Maths Quiz competitions.  This has made the school to qualify three consecutive times with the best performance in 2016 where the students reached the one-eighth stage.

To promote independent work among students, the Department has adopted coding system of distribution of examination questions to students.  With financial assistance from the School Administration, the Department was able to purchase enough teaching and learning materials.

  • Taekwondo

Methodist Girls High School Taekwondo Team started in June 2015. The team comprises 40 students who go through a well-disciplined physical training led by the Taekwondo instructor.

A couple of competitions have been held at the Accra Sports stadium. Their first entry into the ‘I LOVE TAEKWONDO’ competition earned them several medals and kits including the most enviable MAT, the second of its kind aside that of Accra Sports Stadium.

The girls are very strong willed and robust and as a way of channeling their energies, it is worthy to note that the first ever Taekwondo Female Competition was held in Methodist Girls’ High School. It was an exciting display of sportsmanship.

  • The School Cadet

The School Air force Cadet was inaugurated in 2016. It is disciplined and undertakes drills and mountainous walk.  The Corps ensures discipline on campus during social activities. It is well equipped with uniforms and all the accoutrement it needs.

Continuously, MEGHIS Air force Cadet has won the best Cadet corps Award during Independence Day celebrations in the Akuapem North Municipal.

  • Agricultural Competition

The Department is in competition with some selected schools.  This programme is sponsored by Blue Skies Foundation, Ghana.  The competition is geared towards organic vegetable cultivation.  Farming equipment and tools such as wellington boots, hoes, cutlasses, watering cans, and seeds were donated to the department to facilitate the work on the farm.  The School placed 3rd and was presented with three sets of desktop computers and accessories. 

  • Sports And Games

The School participated in the Inter-Collegiate Athletics at the Zonal Level at Somanya.  Some of our students were selected to join the Eastern Regional Team to Bolgatanga for the inter-regional Sports Festival.


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