The School runs the Agricultural programme. Comparable to other study areas, the numbers are few yet the students perform in WASSCE. Over the years the school has recorded good grades.
The school can boast of an animal farm that has 47 pigs, 12 Sheep, and 14 goats. Housing units for poultry production are under construction with assistance from the PTA. The Department formulates its own feed ration for the animals. The farm is used as a practical laboratory to facilitate teaching and learning. Students sometimes make educational trips to the various Agric Institutions and farms for first-hand information.
The Department is into the production of Yoghurt and occasionally, farm pigs are slaughtered and sold to staff. This enables the department to get revenue to revamp its activities.
The Department is in competition with some selected schools in the Blue Skies Sponsored School Farm Project. The competition is geared towards organic vegetable cultivation. Items such as wellington boots, hoes, cutlasses, watering cans, and seeds were donated to the department to facilitate the work on the farm. MEGHIS must win!


Science is the backbone of every society and has transformed the lives of humanity. MEGHIS Science Department aims at equipping students with in-depth knowledge and skills that will enable them to excel academically and in their individual fields of endeavor. The department can boast of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agric and Integrated Science laboratories.
The department employs visual, audiovisual, group projects, peer teaching, and field trips to deliver the contents in its teaching and learning. Sometimes teaching is done under trees to enable full concentration.
The department since 2015 has participated in the National Maths and Science Quiz.
The department has a couple of clubs which include the Science club, Robotics, World Smarts, and FAWE. Members of these clubs participate in quizzes and project presentations at various competitions at the National and International Levels. These events have projected the School’s image at the global level.


The Arts Department is a social-based department that focuses on the three learning domains; Cognitive, Affective, and Psychomotor skills. The department exists to help the students to excel in these three (3) areas termed “The three strengths of the Art Student”:
1. Command of the English Language through reading and writing.
2. Confidence in Public Speaking
3. Eloquence in Speech
The Department has clubs such as Civic Education under the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) and History.


Business as a programme was introduced in 2004. The subject of study is Business Accounting, Business Management, and Economics.
A Business Club was established in 2013. Students embark on educational trips to get firsthand information. This makes teaching and learning of the subject attractive and meaningful.


In recent years, the study of mathematics has become a major challenge to many Ghanaian students and Methodist Girls’ High School students are no exception. In MEGHIS, we encourage our students to see through the eyes of Mathematics, to appreciate and understand the concept in a more relaxed environment.
The Department in collaboration with the Science Department introduced the Science and Maths Quiz programme where we prepare and train our students for both Regional and National Science and Maths Quiz competitions.
To promote independent work among students, the Department has adopted coding system of distribution of examination questions to students. With financial assistance from the School Administration, the Department was able to purchase enough teaching and learning materials.
In spite of all these strategic moves and initiatives by the Department, some of our students still live with Mathematical anxieties. It will be a thing of the past soon.


The ICT Unit is an appendage to the Science Department. Theory and practical lessons are taught. The Department has taken delivery of forty (40) computers to augment existing ones. ICT Unit is air-conditioned and furnished. Students are given the free hand to learn but not to stray to gray areas. The Unit has internet connections where students are allowed to browse on other educational platforms. Other areas which are not beneficial are blocked. Obsolete computers are not boarded-off but are disassembled and used as teaching Aids.


“Language is the armory of the human mind, and at once contains the trophies of its past and the weapons of its future conquests” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
The Department undertakes a tenacious effort to promote teaching and learning of the language with emphasis on training students to master oral and written communication skills, to be more critical in their thinking, and to realize the objectives of their Secondary School career. In this regard, the Department has made a request to the Administration of the school to assist in setting up “a Language Laboratory” for the students.
The Academic Board has endorsed our Reading/News Update/Language Review Programme as part of activities on the academic calendar. The rationale is to encourage the students to use the language.
The performance of the students in WASSCE Core English, as well as the Elective Subjects in the Department, has been sterling with remarkable improvements in the grades obtained.
Our Literary Club – Drama and Debate continues to win laurels for the school. Members of the Debating Club have an exchange programme with TORE FOUNDATIONS, an affiliate of Project Abroad, where High School Students and University graduates from Norway, England, Australia, Germany, France, and the U.S interact with our students. The Foundation has provided the needed technological logistics for students to explore their interests and build their intellectual capacities.
It is envisaged that with the commitment and resilience of members towards the objectives of the Department, our students would continue to excel in the WASSCE.


The Visual Arts course is one of the vocational programmes introduced into the mainstream curriculum. This was to provide the students with broad-based knowledge and skills in both theory and practicals.
More students enroll in the programme and over the years the academic performance of the students has been excellent especially in the elective areas. The performance in the core subjects could be described as fairly good.
The Elective areas of study are General Knowledge in Art (GKA) Ceramics, Textiles, and Graphic Design.

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