The Guidance and Counselling Department generally gives special attention to students with academic challenges. The unit uses various methods in counselling for effective delivery towards students’ growth.

The unit organizes talks on education, health, career or job opportunities, relationships and social issues. Orientation is organized for the newly admitted students to adjust properly to their new environment. We give room for one on one counselling and group counselling. Students are helped to overcome low self-esteem. The counselling Unit has also helped to salvage students who were about to drop out of school.

Staff and student are given proper guidance on how to deal with psychological problems which can badly impact their lives. Through this, the students are able to develop certain problem solving skills which to an extent help them deal with particular issues surrounding their lives. Proper guidance has helped to shape students and also instill enough discipline in them. Staff and students now live in peace and harmony with each other in the school.

The unit has helped to bridge the gap between students and the school administration, since they are able to guide their problems through a proper counselling channel in the school.

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