MEGHIS academic performance is on the ascendancy and getting at par with some renowned Schools. Many of our students are in the tertiary institutions.  Though Mathematics seems to frighten the girls, the School has come out with a strategy to group the teaching of some subjects according to ability rating.  This has seen tremendous improvement in the core subjects.

Students are monitored for progress and in turn they use specially designed teaching trackers to monitor classroom attendance of tutors and students.

Class durbars are held once a term to get first-hand information from the classrooms. Tutors who have been indicted are counseled and made to make up for the teaching periods lost under supervision. 

Students with any form of disability are introduced to a Specialist teacher.  The School admits students with learning disabilities (e.g. Low IQ).  The Specialist tutor (female) monitors their work and socialization.  It is expected that at the end of their three year stay in the School, they would have acquired enough experience that would orient their lives for the better.  The tutor works closely with the School’s Guidance and Counselling Co-ordinators.  Parents are given Special dispensation to visit them fortnightly.


In MEGHIS, the redesigned teaching and learning space with easily movable furniture and comfortable surfaces to work in groups is a plus.  One student described the classroom as classic, spacious and free-thinking.  Creative networking and team-building skills are invaluable to any institution wishing to advance.  In line with this, the School (MEGHIS) provides students with the platforms to learn from and alongside other institutions. The school is hooked onto DSTV.

The School is endowed with competent, committed, and professional staff. These are but a few highlights of the school’s achievements;

  • In 2016, the school won the Independence Day edition of the ‘What Do You Know’ contest at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, Accra.
  • Awurabena Afful emerged as the best Female Science Student for WASSCE 2016, Akuapem North Municipal.
  • The school was adjudged the Best Improved WASSCE Results 2017 by the Akuapem North Municipal Education Directorate.
  • The school was adjudged the Best School in the Senior High School 2017 category for good sanitation practices by the Akuapem North Municipal Education Directorate.
  • Charan Ansah-Antwi was adjudged the Best Senior High School Science Tutor Category 2017 in the Akuapem North Municipal Education Directorate.
  • The School contested for the first time in the 2015 National Science and Maths Quiz competition (NSMQ). Consistently, it has taken part in the subsequent competitions with the one-eighth stage being the best performance. (2016)
  • The Academic Board initiated a novel teaching and learning of Core Subjects for 2015/16 and 2016/17 academic years. The students were placed in “Ability Groups” ranging from High, Average, and Low. The quality of the grades obtained in WASSCE 2017 in the Core Subject was quite impressive.
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